A Bird House with Contemporary Designs and Mid-Modern Elements

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Background and Inspiration

Mark Ellis worked for a furniture manufacturer before pursuing bird house building. The furniture Ellis made was focused around midcentury, modern furniture. His previous work reflects these sleek, sharp, and complementary elements seen in his bird houses.

Mid Modern Style

Based on the 1950s interior designs, Ellis has integrated these elements into bird houses. As this type of style has re-introduced itself into the architecture market, Ellis's bird houses have been seen in some instances as a reflection of the houses themselves. Regardless of the architectural style of the house, Ellis' bird houses have the style that complements the exterior design of any home based on the uniqueness and professionalism with a retro design.

Mark Ellis

An artisan located in Charlotte North Carolina, Mark Ellis designs and builds bird houses with a very different style. Ellis creates all of the theses one of a kind piece in the wood shop he built in his basement. Having a background in the furniture business, his bird houses are well built, firm, and stylish.